Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Six Month Cancerversary to me!

Today it has been six months since my mastectomy!  Six months today I was surgically cured!  Six months today I am cancer-free!*  Happy Six Month Cancerversary to me!!!

With the HER2/neu diagnosis, I have a 95% 5 year survival rate, and I'm finally starting to settle into being part of the 95%, instead of feeling like I'm just waiting around for it to recur.  Part of that is due to the possible reclassification of DCIS, which one of these days, hopefully soon, I'll have a post on!

Since I have the most conservative oncologist on the planet, I finally had my surgery follow up appointment about three weeks ago.  What a difference six months makes!  I was still the only patient under 55.  I still had all eyes in the waiting room on me.  But this time I had my head held high...because I beat it!  Cancer tried to cop a feel, so I kicked its ass!!!  I think every single employee at the oncologist's office came out to say hello to me.  When you're the thirty-one year old at the breast cancer office, everyone knows who you are!

My incision is healing up very well, and has now faded from bright pinkish-red to a light pinkish-purple.  The oncologist gave Rightie the most comprehensive breast exam I've ever had and said he'd send me off for a mammogram in February followed by an appointment for the results in his office.

Triumphant, my husband and I walked towards the check-out when I realized...the prosthesis!!!!  I didn't have my prescription!!!  The whole reason for this appointment, in my eyes at least, was to be cleared for the prosthesis.  Fortunately we were able to flag him down and get the necessary prescription.  Whew!!!

I haven't yet made the appointment for the prosthesis fitting.  The clinic where I was fit for my post-mastectomy bra no longer takes my insurance, so now I have to go to a local pharmacy for the fitting.  A pharmacy?!  It doesn't sound very private.  I'm just really not feeling it.  Neither is my bank account.  Until my bank account and I are ready for the pharmacy fitting, I'll just keep on trucking with my now ratty, bleached out post-mastectomy bra.

Do you celebrate your cancerversary?  Do you do it from the date of diagnosis or the day you finished treatment?  Do you feel like all eyes are on you at the oncologist's office?  What was your prosthesis fitting like?

*Technically I'm not considered cancer-free until 4 1/2 years from now, but cancer-free just makes me feel better than saying I'm in remission.  Remission makes it sound like a recurrence is inevitable.  Like, I don't have cancer NOW, but...........  I'm just going to declare myself cancer-free and put it out there for the universe to know!


  1. I wish I had known it was your cancerversary today! Yay YOU!!! I'll have to bring something special for you tomorrow:)

  2. Happy Cancerversary!! So glad the doc was pleased with you and gave you the product prescription you wanted. Yay! According to my sources, you're supposed to count from the day you finish treatment. And that the term "remission" is no longer used because it is descriptively inaccurate for the reason you gave. So yes, you are cancer-free for 6 whole months, yay yay yay! (As one who would know, you are now 32, btw :)

    1. I was 31 at the time of the appointment.